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Eggbaby Project (4B)

Mrs. Styles´ English class carried out a project during which each pupil had to look after an unboiled egg and treat it as if it were their baby. Some pupils even had twins. They had to fulfil several tasks, such as announcing the birth of the baby, keeping a diary, writing emails to friends and reflecting on teenage parenthood. They had to look after their respective babies 24 hours a day or find an eggsitter for the time that they were unable to take care of their baby.

The pupils were very imaginative when creating their “children“, their daily lives and containers to carry them in from home to school and back again. The project turned out to be a lot of fun and sometimes sad when some baby-eggs inadvertently landed on the floor and broke. 
See below for some examples of the pupils´ work:

  • My little Egg Baby (Anida P.)
  • Jay Jay Junior (Ilayda Ö.)
  • Dear Kate (Dijana F.)
  • To be a Teenie Mum (Ilayda Ö.)